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Writing about the art and science of engaging live audiences.

By Vanessa Pineda on Jul 08, 2019

3 ideas to crush a presentation with instant audience connection 

Most public speakers never overcome the fear of being judged because it's simply a reality. Other people's judgment can manifest in what we call "audience resistance." Here's how Flashcast creates greater connection that can make your presentation resistance-proof.

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By Vanessa Pineda on Jun 26, 2019

4 lecture hacks professors can use for ultimate student engagement 

Professors have resorted to coercion to get students to pay attention: clickers, cold-calling, participation as a grade. But, wouldn't you rather have students want to engage?

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By Vanessa Pineda on Jun 25, 2019

Introducing Flashcast: The first predictive live audience experience

While popularity votes can be interesting, we think there is an opportunity for a far deeper level of engagement with live audiences.

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